Libbi Ponce

Libbi Ponce works with themes of Latinx-Futurism and modes of decolonization through the virtual. By means of fantasy and monumental immersion, from physical to digital, Ponce embodies world-building rooted in archival research and memory, disavowing metaphysical concerns allowing for the free transmutation of motifs and unapologetically generative fictions.

Ponce applies contemporary aesthetic methodologies informed by ancient Andean ceramics (erotic and anthropomorphic), the virtual realm, and mythology to probe discourse on gender and sexuality. DV cassettes, DSLRs, and 360 cameras serve as recording devices for structured and informal footage rooted in familial analysis. Excavation of identity led to the realization of the inaccessibility, erasure, and invisibility of Latin-American history. Consequently, a digital personal history is created through archival research and presented as immersive video installations, sculptures, and internet links. They are interested in the grid as a plane of existence and as pixels, experimental perspective, ancient works by the Milagro-Quevedo and Chorrera cultures, characteristics ascribed to animals — such as the loyalty of dogs — , Halo 5, and questioning traditional roles of femininity inscribed to artificial intelligence. Ponce's practice layers planes of the virtual atop one another resulting in a multitude of transparencies that produce new forms of vision.


Libbi Ponce (they/them, she/her) is an Ecuadorian artist, born in 1997. Ponce makes sculptures, 360 degree VR videos, installations, and performances. In their writing and curatorial practice, Ponce hopes to increase the visibility and voices of historically underrepresented artists. Libbi has shown her work in various locations including: Coco Hunday, Tampa, FL; Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta GA; the Broad Studio at the PAFA Museum, Philadelphia, PA; Off Site Project, online; Nous Tous, Los Angeles, CA; Friend, Columbus, OH; and The Wrong Biennale in Sao Paulo, Brazil, among others. They have attended the Oxbow School of Art, the Currents Undergraduate Residency at PAFA, the Yale Norfolk Undergraduate Residency, and ACRE. They hold a BFA in Studio Art and BA in Philosophy from the University of South Florida. Libbi is a 2021 Recipient of the Hillsborough County Arts Council Professional Development for Artists Grant. Ponce serves as an art instructor at the Tampa Museum of Art; formerly as Exhibitions Coordinator at Tempus Projects, and currently as founder/ director of galeria juniin and Co-Director of Coco Hunday Gallery in Tampa, FL. Libbi is currently based in Guayaquil, Ecuador and Tampa, FL as a Fulbright Creative Research Fellow. They will 3D scan artifacts at the Museo Antropologico y de Arte Contemporaneo in order to produce an exhibition incorporating these digital files into a virtual and physical realm.


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