My work is a reflective culmination of my lived experiences and mental spaces of thought processing. I take agency in my identity as a (first-generation) immigrant on the internet and am interested in Latinx-Futurism and modes of decolonization. Additionally, I am trying to understand my familial Ecuadorian identity via the transfer of emotions through pixels. I am interested in the family and in love. My work re-processes the ways in which we convey love through technology. From this conceptual basis, I create environments through video-installation supplemented by three dimensional accents, such as sculptures and performances. I use contemporary and outdated, accessible technology such as the cell phone camera, screen recordings of desktops, and home videotapes. I embrace amateur aesthetics as an act of undermining the bourgeoisie, classist culture of ‘professionalization’.


Libbi is an Ecuadorian-American artist currently working in sculpture, video, installation, and  performance art. 

She is currently pursuing her BFA in Studio Art at the University of South Florida. 

Because of her immigrant upbringing, she doesn't get many American pop-culture references and, due to her own honesty, never gets sarcasm.


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