Libbi Ponce


Libbi Ponce is an Ecuadorian-American artist whose work explores Latinx-Futurism and
modes of decolonization. Drawing from her status as a first-generation immigrant, her family
heritage and experience growing up digitally native, Ponce creates immersive video installations,
remixes daily video documentation, has developed an interstellar alter-ego and carves Pre-
Columbian puppies.

An aspect of Ponce’s work involves bili cepon, a version of the artist, who often travels
through time and dimensions (most consistently, the internet) with the aim of preventing
intergalactic space colonization from threatening other dimensions like it happened with her
home planet. For the past two years, Libbi Ponce has acted as bili in multiple performative pieces
where she showcased her concerns regarding modes of identity, representation, mental health,
Latinx Futurism and decolonization.


Libbi is an Ecuadorian-American artist currently working in sculpture, video, installation, and performance art. 

She is currently pursuing her BFA in Studio Art and BA in Philosophy at the University of South Florida. 

Because of her immigrant upbringing, she doesn't get many American pop-culture references and, due to her own honesty, never gets sarcasm.


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